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At Nevis our focus is simple; we want to see the world of work a place that is accessible and fair to people with care experience.  It is our belief that employment can offer dignity and purpose to anyone’s life, but furthermore, it can offer support, guidance and friendship to someone who would otherwise feel isolated and out of touch with the world, such as those with care experience.

To ensure that this is a reality, we at Nevis have realised that we need to change the culture within the labour market. This means that we must engage with the ‘bosses’ and ‘colleagues’ equally to help them identify the role that they play in the provision of supportive employment for people with care experience and how their own views could be a barrier within the workplace.  This work is done through our CareTrade Scotland Charter-mark which offers practical advice, guidance and tips to bring about a positive change, not just for people with care experience, but for everyone within the company.

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Nevis Group Scotland uses a two-sided approach; ready the labour market and ready the workforce.  Therefore, we also recognise the importance of working with people who have care experience, helping them both individually and in groups to overcome some of their own barriers to employment.  This may be through: 

help to search for and secure employment or gain some work experience

support to access some further education to achieve some core competencies

help to deal with some trauma-related barriers through our counselling and psychotherapy services. 


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By working with both potential employees and potential employers we believe that we can and will make the labour market a fair place for people with care experience to grow and thrive and truly reach their full potential in work and life.

Our history 

The concept of Nevis Group Scotland can be traced back to around 2007 when it was proposed to a national Scottish charity that they take over a local coffee shop to offer employment and training opportunities for its service users.  Despite great enthusiasm, the final proposal was not passed and nothing more happened.  This proposal was brought to the national organisation by our founders Joseph Rankin and William Stitt and despite it not being picked up, they both recognised the potential in this concept and continued to explore in for the next 10 years.  

During this time, many things happened that changed the landscape of the care sector that made Joe and Will’s concept more viable than ever and in 2016 they began to give more purchase to their thoughts and in 2017 they launched Nevis Group Scotland with a primary purpose of equalising the labour market for people with care experience.      

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Nevis Group Scotland is a Scottish Registered Charity - SC048831